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Welcome to Bluepearl Skins.
We pride ourselves on creating professional, affordable and high quality vBulletin Skins, Invision Skins and XenForo Skins.
Bluepearl Skins has been releasing styles for vBulletin and phpBB since 2004. Only recently expanding to create professional Invision and Xenforo Styles.

Customer SupportSuperior Customer Support

With all of our skins and styles we offer super fast and reliable support.
With most answers found in our support forums to our round the clock support desk, we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service that speaks for itself with happy client feedback in our forums.

Customer AreaCustomer Area

To all of our customers, we offer a fully functional client area. There you can view your orders and invoices, as well as download your skin updates and access our support desk for fast and easy support.

Custom WorkCustom vBulletin Styles

One year free updatesOne Year Free Style Updates

vBulletin, XenForo and Invision regularly release updates which require altering parts of our styles to ensure your skin is at complete functionality.
All of our styles come with 1 year of free updates. When your year has expired you have the option to pay the annual fee of $14.99 to maintain regular updates for your skin.
With forum updates completed and released generally within 6-36 hours of availability.