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  5. @Lyricoldrap If you ask me, that looks more like a Paul Heyman haircut lol.

  6. vb5?

    I've been using your SeamusRedBanner theme on my Black Sabbath forums for several years now. Linkage: https://www.black-sabbath.com/vb/forum.php I am looking at upgrading to vb5 possibly soon, and was HOPING that you have an updated version of that for v5. It doesn't appear that you have ANY themes for vB 5 - is that right? If so, it looks like I'll be SOL and have to go elsewhere. Was hoping to keep this look, though. Lemme know. Danke.
  7. Nintendo to ROM sites: Forget cease-and-desist, now we’re suing https://t.co/G0YKEIkwhL

  8. XenForo 2 Skins and Styles

    nice to know the support here is on target......
  9. XenForo 2 Skins and Styles

    Yes wondering about the Xenforo 2 skins. It would be nice to have something today. I need to do a conversion from a crashed vb and want to keep the same skin and not be forced to go to another place to look for it.
  10. @BlizzardCS You think trying to login today is bad? Just wait until the "Global BfA Launch". That'll be a real shit show.

  11. Dynasty Warriors 3 XL https://t.co/IE4LB3xspd

  12. Trail Breaking is now available on Steam! Jeremy at JLS Softworks has poured his heart into this adventure game an… https://t.co/6gMFoMmEfp

  13. Check out The Detective Chapters: A Murder Mystery Choices Adventure by Adam Mayhem on @Kickstarter https://t.co/U1ID8P6mqo

  14. XenForo 2 Skins and Styles

    Any idea when you're going to release skins for Xenforo 2 ?
  15. Hey

    Thank you, made the support ticket.
  16. Hey

    Hey Josh, You can goto your user account and download the themes. If you have any problems create a support ticket and I will link you directly to the downloads.
  17. Hey

    Trying to get my gaming website back up and running again, how can i get my themes back?
  18. Check out Orogenesis by Samuel Turensky on @Kickstarter. Billed as "capturing the spirit of older games but with… https://t.co/nTeM1xsn49

  19. Wild Arms 3 https://t.co/BfRsC4zExy

  20. @TongucBodur Delighted to see another release from you! It is downloading now and I am looking forward to the experience!

  21. A humorous, retro point-and-click adventure. Check out Sol705 by Land Patricio on @Kickstarter https://t.co/jor1hV0k9G

  22. vBulletin 5 Skins & Styles

    Eloquent for vBulletin 5, with unlimited colors is currently being developed and can be viewed here: https://www.bluepearl-skins.com/vBulletin5/
  23. Stonewall Penitentiary by Unimatrix is now available on Steam! JA got an early look and gave it high marks in our r… https://t.co/Ig6lswhehr

  24. @JagexMeadows Hold on... are you doing this on your own? If so, why? Is Jagex aware that you're doing this?

  25. A trip to The Inverse is a beautiful but challenging excursion that may not be the best choice for the traditional… https://t.co/V1Lz5dVSMn

  26. Apple: All app updates must support the iPhone X and iOS 11 come July https://t.co/ULA4BfuwtH

  27. It’s lonely in space. Grab a friend by the hand and puzzle your way to Mars in this cooperative adventure by It’s A… https://t.co/zB0sONkkau

  28. Mario Kart Arcade GP https://t.co/6YGuKDhWiD

  29. It's almost Time for the Watchmaker! From Micropsia Games and 1C Company, this steampunk puzzle-adventure is arrivi… https://t.co/1jk5AemQpW

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