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  1. JoeH04

    Hey Sean

    You get my MSG mate? It's Joe btw
  2. I have dealt with many other company's/designers in the past and let me tell you, I have never come across a business that has the most efficient and friendly service in a long, long time. Sean would ALWAYS and quickly respond to my emails. He was very helpful and descriptive when he would reply. Not like these other company's who hardly give you any info or just talk in a such a technical term that I cannot even understand them haha. He is defiantly a talented guy and if you’re thinking of a forum skin.. Do NOT think.. Just do it.. This is the Vbulletin skin he has done for me: That just speaks for itself! http://contagion-fans.com/forum/ Many thanks Sean I am hugely satisfied with what you have done and will be using you again in the future!