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  1. eddyb

    Themes Compatible With VB5

    yes...I think I have cme to the same conclusion from all the banter that I have been reading on multiple forums about vB5. one l;ast question, and I think i might have posted this somehwere else on your site, but is the Seamus and Seamus Light skins only fluid or are they fixed as well?
  2. I wanted to ask you if your Seamus and Seamus Light skins come in both fluid and fixed or just fluid only? And if you might know, if vB5 is made for only a fluid function or do they have fixed skins as well?
  3. eddyb

    Themes Compatible With VB5

    I am going to start a new forum and was looking to buy the Seamus or Seamus Light skin, but like Derek says, it is only for the 4.2.0 so do I purchase the older vBulletin version just to get this skin or when will you update this particular skin for vB5? What is vB Gold? Also, if I buy the older vB 4.2 and then upgrade to vB5 later on, will I loose any styling or any changes to my site during the upgrade? Or should I just buy the vB 4.2 and just never upgrade to vB5 anyways as the vB4.2 works good enough?