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  1. Mudlar

    4.23 beta 1

    Sorry, dropped off the radar for a while. Quick question, I'm thinking of starting an adult site. Do you have any issues with an adult site using your skins?
  2. Mudlar

    4.23 beta 1

    G'day Sean, Any news on the updates? Also, if I buy a skin and later want to change the domain name, is that OK?
  3. Mudlar

    4.23 beta 1

    I do. I went looking for it after my post this morning. http://www.admin-talk.com/threads/how-stable-is-vb4-2-2.51170/page-2#post-580299
  4. Mudlar

    4.23 beta 1

    Thanks Sean, I'll keep checking back. I think it was Paul M said it on one of the admin forums, but I could be wrong.
  5. Mudlar

    4.23 beta 1

    Hi Sean, thanks for your reply. I was asking as I've just set up a couple of forums with 4.23 beta 1 and would like to buy a couple of your skins. I did see a comment that vb 4.23 would be beta indefinitely so I didn't want to buy them knowing I may not get to use them for 6 months or whatever. I'll keep an eye on the updates and hopefully be back to purchase soon.
  6. Hi, I have a couple of forums currently running vbulletin 4.23 beta 1. Are your skins compatible with this? I read somewhere that it'll be a long time before it comes out of beta, but maybe the skins work the same as 4.22?