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  1. Silivistras

    Problem with fonts at FutureBlack skin

    I don't know how this support ticket works. Can i sent you with p.m?
  2. Hi, i recently buy the Futureblack skin for my forum www.hunterslife.gr and i have some issues with letters font regarding some addons, where is not appearing. The authors of addons say that there is a problem with skin. For example, if you go to "Birthday Calendar", members-->birthday calendar, you can not see the names of the members that have their birthday. At some other skins letters are appearing properly. Something similar happens also for the SaigaChat shoutbox, you can not see that because i have not set permission for members. The user names is not appearing before each message in the chat. Note that these problems are not happens with the other two skins that i am using.