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Found 1 result

  1. Detailed Installation Instructions for BP-Brown 1: Upload the image directory "BP-Brown" to your server "*your forums*/xenforo/styles/BP-Brown/ 2: Goto Administration page click the 'appearance tab'--> 'styles' and then on the right top click 'Import' 3: Upload style-BP-Brown-Parent-(DO-NOT-EDIT).xml (never edit this file as we will be installing child skins from this) 4: To install the additional colors click 'add style' and choose the parent style as 'BP-Brown-Parent-(DO-NOT-EDIT)' choose any name that you desire. 5: Do step 4 for as many colors as you want installed. 6: To style the skins, click 'style properties' next to the skin name. 7: Click on the group BP_brown and you will see 8 new custom stylevars these configure the skin colors. 8: There is a total of 8 new stylevars which changes the skins color with ease. 9: You can use the numbers in the above screenshot to see what section they style in the below screenshots. Any issues please contact me.