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Detailed Installation Instructions for Darkness.

Screenshots are based on BP-Brown and will be updated shortly, for now change ' style-BP-Brown-Parent-(DO-NOT-EDIT).xml'  with 'style-BP-Darkness-Parent-(DO-NOT-EDIT).xml

1: Upload the image directory "Darkness" to your server  "*your forums*/xenforo/styles/Darkness/


2: Goto Administration page click the 'appearance tab'--> 'styles' and then on the right top click 'Import'


3: Upload style-BP-Darkness-Parent-(DO-NOT-EDIT).xml (never edit this file as we will be installing child skins from this)


4: To install the additional colors click 'add style' and choose the parent style as 'BP-Darkness-Parent-(DO-NOT-EDIT)' choose any name that you desire.



5: Do step 4 for as many colors as you want installed.

6: To style the skins, click 'style properties' next to the skin name.


7: Click on the group Darkness and you will see 8 new custom stylevars these configure the skin colors.


8: There is a total of 8 new stylevars which changes the skins color with ease. (until I update the screenshots some the stylevars are different for Darkness)


9: You can use the numbers in the above screenshot to see what section they style in the below screenshots.



10) To change the darkness banner, you can either modify the existing banner.jpg in the /Darkness/xenforo image folder or by modifying the link in the new stylevar 'header color' located in the Darkness group.

Any issues please contact me.

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