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Sean James

BP-Black Skin for XenForo

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Black XenForo Skin

I am happy to announce after many weeks in development that BP-Black for XenForo is now available for purchase.




This dark XenForo skin comes in 11 colors and each color variant sets each of them apart.


If you have any technical issues with installing these skins or locate any possible bugs please post in the new XenForo Support forum.


View this skin in our store


Live XenForo demo:

BP-Black, BP-BlackBlue, BP-BlackRed, BP-BlackGreen, BP-BlackOrange, BP-BlackYellow



Click here for BP-Black Series 2














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Awesome! Congrats on the great job. Have been waiting for the release and bought one immediately (you should see it as pending now). Will be some fun and good distraction from vB to play around with my XF test forum. Thanks Sean!

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Thanks mate ;) I wish I had a XenForo forum myself to run it on!! lol


Let me know if you have any problems or find any bugs. If you do post in the new XenForo support forum or via support ticket.

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