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Updated 2018:

Eloquent for vBulletin 5 - https://www.bluepearl-skins.com/forums/topic/12981-eloquent-skin-for-vbulletin-5-released


Updated 2017:

vBulletin 5 Skins can be downloaded here

Here are some details:


vBulletin 5 Connect Release Plans

The following is an update on plans for the release of vBulletin 5 Connect. We are working hard to ensure a high standard of quality for vBulletin 5 Connect. To maintain this level of quality while achieving a timely release of the new product, we will be doing a phased release.

The initial release of vBulletin 5 Connect will introduce many major new features while including most of the capabilities of vBulletin 4.2. The 5.0 release will include:

  • Core vBulletin forum functionality including the activity stream, robust moderation tools and blogs
  • Site Builder with new page templates, making it easy to set and modify sites
  • Drag-and-drop configuration, simplifying page layout
  • Modernized User Interface with streamlined content entry (photos, video, etc.), to increase content creation
  • Enhanced content search and discovery via various content modules, engaging users into deeper site visits
  • Improved social functionality including groups, new user profiles, comments functionality, an integrated messaging hub, social content curation, real-time updates and more
  • Integrated mobile-optimized version for use on smartphones, ensuring these visitors stay and return
  • Improvements to the photo gallery and better integration of photos with other content
  • Simplified admin management with new features such as in-line site editing and customization
  • Improved architecture for better performance and easier customization
  • Built-in SEO to maximize search traffic
  • Easy-to-use upgrader tool for vBulletin 3 and 4 sites, plus an importer for other forum software

The primary elements of vBulletin 4.2 that will not be in the 5.0 version of vBulletin 5 Connect are CMS/article publishing, Mobile Suite, the Facebook app, paid subscriptions and non-English versions of the product. These components will be released as follows.

We will release the first update to vBulletin 5 Connect approximately 4-6 weeks after the 5.0 launch. This release will be focused on bug fixes, and will also include various non-English versions of vBulletin 5 Connect and possibly paid subscriptions.

The next piece of this phased initial release will bring to vBulletin 5 Connect article publishing capabilities similar to the current CMS in vBulletin 4 Suite. Tables and content for the current CMS will be imported into a new content channel regardless of whether the upgrade is done before or after this update, but that content will only be usable afterwards.

After that, the next element to be released will be a vBulletin 5 Connect version of the vBulletin Mobile Suite. Sites upgrading prior to this time will still be able to take advantage of the mobile-optimized capabilities of vBulletin 5 Connect, as well as the Forum Runner mobile apps which are free to site owners and integrated into vBulletin. The custom branded version of Forum Runner also will be available at a discounted price during this time. We are currently working through plans for the vBulletin Facebook app going forward, and we'll provide details on this decision-making as it becomes available.

We recognize many existing sites using these capabilities are eager to upgrade to vBulletin 5 Connect, and our development team will be working diligently to get these functions out as soon as possible. We believe a phased release is the best way to ensure all introduced features are thoroughly tested when they're launched so their quality is assured.



Helping You Build Better Communities,


Your vBulletin Support Team


This is a quick announcement to let our customers know I will be starting the process of updating all of our skins immediately upon vBulletin 5 release.

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YAY! I was so bummed out that I got ProGamer up and running and dialed in finally only to find out 5.0 came out...

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Hello Sean,


I'm not sure when you will be able update your themes but do you have any beta test team for your themes? I'm still not sure about upgrade for my forums but I'm still thinking about that. Because I will have no chance to try vBulletin 5 anywhere do you think you will be able to provide me some space to test forums and your skins?

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I just bought vBulletin 5 today and will be uploading it to www.bluepearl-skins.com/vBulletin5 sometime today.


I am then going to play around with the style system, as vBulletin 5 is still at the start of the beta process which will take many months the style system will not be complete for a while so completing skin upgrades won't be possible until at least candidate.

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I would be interested in beta testing your Seamus themes if your looking for people.


Currently I use it for our vb4 forums, I just purchased the upgrade to vb5 and have it running here: www.aef-hq.com.au/aef5


I would be happy to test themes and give feedback.




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vBulletin used to release updates every few months, now with the new vB5, vB4 updates have been heaps slower

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Greeting Brother Steve. I purchase 2 of your skins for my websites, these are the skins that I purchase 


SeamusLight    bTech vBulletin Skin I want to upgrade to  5.1.5 Beta 1 My skins are design and I want to upgrade to the 5.1.5 Beta. Would this mess up the designs and changes on my skin? Heres my website. www.afraka.com I like to upgrade to the 5. When will you have the upgrade for my skins? Truly Appreicate it. Love your work.

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