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Fantastic quality and even better support!!

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I wanted to to take this opportunity and say WOW!!!


This is my second purchase of skins and I have to be completely honest.... service here is magnificent!!  Sean has always been there for me in his teachings and his support.  Up grades of first purchase...always on top of things here!!  I have never had to ask for something twice.. EVER!!   I am a rookie at this but Sean never backs off my endless questions he is always there to help .... may take a bit for the reply but it does come and he always guides my in the right direction. 


He installed my newest purchase for me last night, updated current package ( yes i paid for it ) but that being said worth every penny spent for his expert help and knowledge.  His  support prices are well worth saving me the headaches of not knowing... however I am learning as he always teaches me  ( when he has the time) what it is he is doing.   You're amazing and patient and well incredible in my eyes.  I would rather have you do as you have for us, mainly because as you can see my forums and the work that has been done and honestly your expertise just makes sense to pay for perfection !!!!


Thank you BluePearl not only for the skins and their proper function but to Sean for his help and professionalism ...saving my pennies for the custom skins next .... I am so looking forward to that next venture with BluePearl..... would never go elsewhere EVER


BluePearl comes second to NONE.  Keep up the great work and look forward to not only a friendly but lasting relationsip between the two!!



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Well Sean Again  yup AGAIN I have to say that your Exceptional support is second to none!!!!  you once again have gone over and above to help me out.  Im at a loss for words and THANK YOU just does seem to be enough!


As long as I have a site on the web you have a customer in me, reason of quality of product and the customer support is  TOP NOTCH!!


Cheers darlin!!


Guess this makes it my third feedback  lol what can I say none better than BLUEPEARL!



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